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Nesir: Journal of Literary Studies is an academic literary journal established under the leadership of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at Samsun University. Nesir, which acquired its name by adopting the search for ‘prose’, which has been frequently expressed in Ottoman intellectual thought as a critical need since the second half of the nineteenth century, in its dialogic relationship with fictional texts, started its publication life as a refereed academic journal in October 2021. The publication languages of Nesir are Turkish and English; it is published twice a year in Spring/April and Fall/October.

The journal’s editorial and advisory board consists of academics with international competence who continue their work in different fields of humanities in various universities around the world. The main goal of our journal’s stakeholders is to examine the all world literatures, especially Turkish literature, with a comparative literature perspective, and thus create a platform in dialogue with interdisciplinary literature studies in the world.

Being in national and international indexes, contributing to literature studies on a local and global scale is among our primary goals. It is our greatest wish that the authors who will examine Turkish and world literature by using the perspectives and research methods of different disciplines such as linguistics, psychology, sociology, history, folklore, anthropology, and philosophy, contribute to the literature and interdisciplinary studies through Nesir. In this framework, our journal offers an open space for both the writings of experts in their field and the original and seminal works of young researchers.

With the contribution of our advisory board consisting of respected academics, a file subject is determined for the fall issue of each year, but articles outside the subject are also included. At the same time, in the spring issue of each year, the journal brings together texts that discuss the unique and interdisciplinary problems and trends of literature as an open issue. The articles sent to the journal with a request for publication are first reviewed by our editorial board and then submitted to the referee’s evaluation, where the identities of the authors and referees are kept confidential. Our journal will be available in print form in many universities and research libraries, and will also be published electronically and be available at

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