Aims and scope

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Nesir: The Journal of Literary Studies aims to research the accumulation of Turkish literature by using the methods of various approaches and disciplines such as linguistics, comparative literature, history, folklore, anthropology, cultural studies, language history, and philosophy, based on the notion of world literature.

In this context, Nesir pays attention to seek answers to theoretical questions about the production, structure, and reception of fictional and non-fiction literary texts as much as possible, to understand the contexts and cultural origins of literary texts at a structural and semantic level; to conceptualize and classify textual structures, influences and different communicative phenomena, to provide a platform for dialogue and discussion about new linguistic-literary facts and events.

In this way, thus, Nesir takes into account the diversity that may allow interdisciplinary connections to be made regarding new social, political, religious, sociological, psychological, cultural, aesthetic, and philosophical transformations and challenges. This demand for diversity also prioritizes allowing original interpretations and perspectives developed to be applied to the languages and literature of different cultures on a comparative level, aware of the ever-increasing interdependence of cultures.

The languages of Nesir, which will be published twice a year (April and October), are Turkish and English. Our journal is a refereed, international, printed, and electronic journal. Nesir consists of original articles, review articles, short articles, letters to the editor, book reviews, interviews, and translations written with an interdisciplinary and comparative approach. All studies sent to our journal for publication are evaluated to a blind review system by at least two referees after the initial review of the editorial board.

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