Nesir: Journal of Literary Studies seeks to provide a platform for literary research from Turkey and features articles (in Turkish and English) that are informed by and contribute to the recent discussions on world literature taking shape on a local and global scale. While the journal is committed to advancing the study of Turkish literature, it aims to reach beyond the confines of one national literature and features work from different regions, languages, and periods that draw on knowledge from a wide range of disciplines, including comparative literature, philology, and cultural studies. Nesir is dedicated to spurring critical conversations among scholars of different disciplines and theoretical concerns that can translate into inspiring as well as pioneering scholarly work.

Motivated by these principles, Nesir aspires to join the ranks of refereed academic journals published in Turkey and around the globe to multiply diverse scholarly voices.




  • Research Articles

The Last Exit Before the Parallel Universe: The Representation of Hijabi Women in the Novel Sincaplı Gece

İclal Didem Arvas

Published online: 28 Nisan 2022

pp. 11-27

Didem Arvas, Sincaplı Gece, Cem Akaş

Beyond Aesthetic Theory: Consolations of Art and Poetry in Romantic Criticism

Azade Seyhan

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 29-45

Collective Authorship in Ottoman Story Books

Elif Sezer Aydınlı

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 47-64

A Sentimental Suicide: An Examination of Seymour Glass’s Suicide Using the “Psychological Autopsy” Technique

Eren Yıldırım

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 65-86

Dream Types and Animal Motifs in Sheik Ali’s Book of Dream Interpretation

Sevim Yılmaz Önder and Aslıhan Büyükşekerci

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 87-108

Subculture and Expressive Arts in Müge İplikçi’s Children and Youth Literature Novels

Yasemin Yılmaz Yüksek

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 109-130

  • Translated Article

Writing for a Reading Public: The Case of al-Jahiz

Gregor Schoeler

Trans. Mustafa Altuğ Yayla and Yusuf Ötenkaya

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 131-146

  • Critical Essay

Bilge Karasu Anlatılarında Hayvan ve Dirim

Özgür Taburoğlu

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 147-158

  • Research Note

Ezop Alla Turca: Tanzimat Öncesi Döneme Ait Ezop Tercümelerinin Kültürel Çeviri Bağlamında İncelenmesi

Mehmet Kuru

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 159-170

  • Book Review

Bir Okuma Deneyimi: Kendinden Çıkmak yahut Açıklığa Doğru Açılmak

Suat Baran

Published online: April 28, 2022

pp. 171-176

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